Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Weston Ranch CA

Getting Rid of Urine Odor Weston Ranch CA - Our Process

  1. baby and dog on carpetThe source and severity of the odor are determined, then the carpet will be rinsed and extracted with a hot water rinse to remove the bulk of the urine crystals.
  2. In worst cases, the carpet is pulled back in the suspected areas to reveal the extent of the damage.*
  3. If necessary, the pad will be removed and replaced.*
  4. An odor blocking shellac may be applied to the sub-floor if determined necessary.*
  5. P.U.R.T. will then be applied heavily to the tack strip, the sub floor, the baseboards and the carpet backing. It is necessary to apply this product heavily enough to dampen all areas affected by the urine. *
  6. Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the ingredients in P.U.R.T. will react with the urine, and break down the odor causing components.

*Additional charges based on your unique situation will apply for services.

Carpet Cleaning Weston Ranch - Urine Odor

We know that you love your pets and they are part of your family, but sometimes they can leave behind a urine odor. We have the best carpet cleaning Weston Ranch offers, but urine odor is a bit tougher to get out of those carpet fibers. That is why we use our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) and found it is the most beneficial for getting out those urine odors out! P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor and immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the pet urine odor. It’s shown excellent results on even the most severe pet urine damage.

Call Chem-Dry of Stockton today for all your carpet cleaning Weston Ranch needs, as well as pet odor removal Weston Ranch needs. Schedule today at 209-463-4433 or click here to request an appointment online.

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