5 Reasons Why Groundhog Day is One of the Best Holidays of the Year
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That’s right. I said it. Groundhog Day is one of the best holidays of the year, if not the best. You may be thinking, “How could it be the best holiday mysterious Chem-Dry blogger? There are so many other great holidays that are way better than G-Day.” Sure, you’ve got Christmas, Thanksgiving, Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21st for those of you who don’t know that date for some odd reason), but none compare to the Pennsylvanian-packed Punxsutawney-palooza that happens each year on the 2nd. Here are 5 reasons why it’s the best holiday of the year.

#1 No Expectations

You know what people expect on overrated holidays like Valentine’s Day? GIFTS. Guess what? You don’t have to remember to give anybody anything on Groundhog Day. No birthday wishes, no anniversary presents, no cooking an oversized bird in an undersized oven. Just bliss.

#2 Groundhogs Get the Recognition They Deserve

Groundhogs are pretty fascinating creatures. Seriously. Look them up because I’m far too lazy to copy and paste interesting facts from the web about Woodchucks (their other name).

#3 We Throw Data Out the Window in Favor of a Woodland Creature’s Propensity to Sense Shadows

Sure, we could listen to meteorologists who think they know a lot about predicting the weather, or we could listen to a fluffy creature and its shadow forecasting. There’s a reason we don’t celebrate meteorologist day.

#4 Punxsutawney

I like the word Punxsutawney. It’s really fun to say Punxsutawney. 

#5 It’s Not About Commercialism

It’s hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas and other holidays with all those advertisements bombarding you. They all aim to make you forget about what’s truly important. Groundhog day isn’t about finding the perfect gift or buying the biggest fireworks. It’s about a trusty ol’ groundhog and his best friend. His shadow. 

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