Here’s a May Poem About Cleaning That You Didn’t Ask For
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Just in case you missed it, April was National Poetry Writing Month. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write one poem last month. How sad. Luckily, anyone can write poems at any time, so I decided to write a poem about Chem-Dry’s services. I know how long you’ve been waiting to read a decent cleaning services poem. It goes like this:


  • Floors soiled by disgusting debris,

Pet hair, human hair, stains of tea.

What should I do with such a horrible mess?

How do I alleviate all of this stress?

  • My puppy is whining and throwing up

My toddler is crying as she spills her cup

Can someone help me with my situation?

Is it possible to secure one moment of relaxation?

  • My partner is messy and doesn’t know how to clean.

My house’s stench is so noxious; it’s hurting my spleen.

I used to be happy; I used to have friends,

My hair has turned gray; I’m getting split ends.

  • I’ve tried steam cleaners, disinfectant, DIY mixes,

I’ve used wet wipes, vinegar, but nothing quite fixes,

The mess in the house that I once used to love,

Is falling on me from dirty ceilings above.

  • No need to fear; help is on the way.

Chem-Dry Cleaning is here to save the day!

I’ve heard that they’re great; I’ve heard that they’re swell.

They’ve cleaned out my sofa; they’ve washed up dirt trails.

  • Urine stains gone, coffee stains gone, all messes deleted.

The nastiest spots in my house have been treated.

My area rug looks like it’s brand new.

The loveseat I hate is actually pretty cute.

  • Thank you Chem-Dry for the experience you’ve provided.

When I get home from work now, I’m actually excited.

My family gets along, my pets never feud.

All thanks to Chem-Dry, I’m in a much better mood.


The End.


Don’t you just love a feel-good story?