3.35 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring Cleaning Excellence
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It’s no secret. Your house is disgusting. But that’s okay because everyone else’s house is too. That’s just what happens after a long winter. It’s not your fault.1 I’m not here to point fingers at you. I’m here to help. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of 3.35 helpful tips to help you become the spring-cleaning boss you were always meant to be.

#1 Plan

You need a plan. Seriously. If you don’t have a plan, you could get stressed out. If you get stressed out, you could get less done. If you get less done, then your house will be less clean. If your house is less clean, then you didn’t really spring clean. If you didn’t really spring clean, then there’s no point in starting spring cleaning without a plan because you didn’t really end up spring cleaning in the first place. So you should have a plan.2

#2 Enlist in Help

We all need a little help sometimes. And that’s okay! Spring cleaning shouldn’t be an exception. Put your kids to work, invite your family over, bribe your friends, train your dog. Do whatever it takes. Involving others in the process helps keep you more accountable to your cleaning goals and can speed up the process. We also recommend investing in professional help (explained in later tips).

#3 Remove All the Crap From Your Home

I know what you’re thinking. “No duh. Of course I need to remove junk from my house. That’s the point of spring cleaning.” I’m not just talking about a few household knick-knacks that are collecting dust in your home. I’m talking about ALL the junk. Physical, mental, social, everything. If you have bad feelings toward spring cleaning or just life in general, like most of us do, it’s time to throw away that attitude in your metaphorical dumpster. Spring cleaning, and spring in general, is centered around new life and growth after a long, dark winter period. It’s time you embrace that growth and start a new life. 

#3.35 DIY Clean Your Carpets

3.35 is an odd number, isn’t it?3 Well, there’s a reason I used it. It’s always a good idea to deep clean your carpet regularly to keep your home healthy. There are hundreds of DIY homemade carpet cleaning videos on the internet that can offer helpful-ish advice, but if you don’t hire professional carpet cleaning services from Chem-Dry, cheap DIY methods can only produce a fraction of the results that Chem-Dry can give you. Hence, the .35 at the end of reason three.

#4 Hire a FANTASTIC Carpet Cleaning Company to Tidy Up Your Carpets

Remember that “Enlist in Help” section? Well, now is the time to do just that! You may not realize it, but your floors can get really nasty: especially during the winter months. They trap everything from dirt to grime, apple juice spills to cat urine stains, and pretty much any other gross thing you can imagine.

We here at Chem-Dry aren’t here to judge; we’re to help keep your home healthy and happy. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services can give you the clean you’ve always dreamed of.

We can help. Contact us today!4


1.Well, actually, it is your fault. I’m just trying to make you feel better about your gross situation.

2. This is an example of a logical fallacy known as a slippery slope. It’s not really relevant to the conversation, but I just thought you should know.

3. Technically, 3.35 is not an odd number because odd and even numbers only exist within the integer number realm. It is, however, an odd number in terms of being an absurd number to use in a list of helpful spring cleaning tips.

4. Really? Footnotes in a blog post? Yep. Honestly, I'm surprised you read through the footnotes. Congrats! Now stop procrastinating and start cleaning! Seriously. You really should start now. You're wasting time. Follow my tips and get to cleaning. Please. I'm asking you very nicely. You need to start. Bye.