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Ltw J J. source icon for review

Published Sep 03 2018

I highly recommend Chem-Dry of Stockton.  Everything about my experience with Chem-Dry of Stockton was top-notch.  The owner, Tom, arrived for the estimate and then for the work at the times he said he would. Tom looked carefully at the fabrics on each piece of furniture and then explained which pieces of furniture could be cleaned and which could not, and the reason certain pieces could not be cleaned by the process he uses. I appreciated his honesty.  He also warned me ahead of time that certain spots, such as those made by ink or a child's colored marking pen, might not be completely eradicated. The finished products were amazing.  I could not believe anyone or any process could clean our furniture as well as Tom did.

Alyse Johnson source icon for review

Published Sep 17 2017

Hour or a great job!!Thank you!

Joshua Richmond source icon for review

Published Sep 13 2017

Great service, great deals and your carpet isn't wet all day.

Kendra Hall source icon for review

Published Feb 28 2017

They come in, do their thing, the carpets are nearly dry when they leave and they are clean. Friendly and professioal.

Becky Hale source icon for review

Published Mar 01 2017

they were on time and they did a great job on my carpet. I didn't have to wait long before I could walk on it . I will be contacting them this spring as accidents happen when you have pet, and of course humans. Thanks very much for the great job.

Stephanie Hawkins source icon for review

Published Feb 24 2017

Very good cleaning and no soggy carpet. Will use them again this spring! Also my mom will too as she has a walker and does not need a day for a rug to dry. These are dry in a few hrs, even less!

Kathy Smith source icon for review

Published Aug 13 2016

Great Job, Good customer service. Pleasant and fun workers. Have used again and again. Thank for a job well done. five stars Plus

Toina Vickers source icon for review

Published Feb 11 2017

Most people like to give emotional reviews when they do things like this. I on the other hand much prefer a logical assessment of a situation. It is much easier to use when trying to make a decision. I recommend Chem-Dry of Stockton and Chem-Dry of Lodi all the time. Let me share with you the story of our white carpets and a daughter who worked in a restaurant. Somehow she would come home with the dirtiest shoes I have ever seen. Over a short period of time she managed to wear a black as night path into the carpet. Did I already mention the carpet was white? I called Chem-Dry, who I had at that point been using and recommending for 5 years, they arrived and gave me back my white carpet. For you nay sayers, I am not talking about a "psuedo" white carpet, I am talking about from the store brand new white carpet!!! The years I have been working with Chem-Dry I have always had white carpets and because they are in business I will never have to worry about darkening my color because they ALWAYS get them back to factory color!!! The first time I used Chem-Dry was in June of 2009, today, February of 2017, my family and I just moved into a new house with...drum roll please...White carpets that were pretty rough. Chem-dry came in and now the carpets are again back to white!!! Thanks Chem-Dry!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Jim and LaVeda Thompson source icon for review

Published Oct 13 2016

Great, dependable and quality service that says it all. What more can I say?


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